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Umbilical Hernia Repair

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Why is umbilical hernia surgery done?

Umbilical hernia surgery is done to repair umbilical hernia, which is the protrusion of a portion of the abdominal cavity, with the abdominal contents pushing through the belly button to form a bulge. The hernia is caused by a congenitally weak naval area where the hernia can occur any time from birth through late adulthood.

How is the surgery done?

  • A curved incision is made under the umbilicus after which the hernia sac is identified, dissected from the underlying tissues and pushed back to the abdominal cavity. 
  • The underlying tissues are carefully sutured with strong nonabsorbable stitches while the skin edges are held with paper tape.
  • In case of a larger hernia, it is closed by means of a piece of synthetic mesh.
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