Oman Frankincense Arabic Gum

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Edible It Can be chewed as soft Gum very good for Bad Mouth Odors ,,, used as Risen incense smells very good,

it has many uses in popular medicine recipes.

For frankincense many kinds,The frankincense tree spreads in other parts The Arabian Peninsula, northern Somalia, Ethiopia and Iraq.

The origin of our product is Salalah Oman, where the frankincense tree produces a soft crystalline texture that is soft to chew, unlike the other types of gum, such as Somali and Sudan, Omani frankincense is also distinguished by its fine aroma and high nutritional contents.

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More than 28 benefits for Omani Resin Incense:

1. Antiseptic and general tonic for the immune system.
2. General disinfectant for the body internally and externally.
3. Anti-puff and chases away intestinal gas.
4. Regulator of gastrointestinal functions and intestinal pulse.
5. Diuretic and antiseptic for urinary system.
6. Tonic for the uterus and antiseptic of the reproductive system.
7. Calms nerves.
8. Used in cosmetic products and disinfectant and scented materials are extracted from it.
9. increases immunity and support the lymphatic system.
10. Very important for oral health prevents decay and strengthens the gums and purifies the mouth and tongue of bacteria and microbes and eliminates unpleasant odors, it is also a pain reliever of teeth.
11. tonic and antiseptic for the respiratory system. It is a useful treatment for cough, chronic cough, and a strong repellent for sputum and excess mucus secretions, anti-bronchitis and eliminates the congestion of the nose, throat, pharynx, trachea and lungs, a sedative for irritations of the respiratory system, reduces a lot of asthma crises and it is an analgesic pain that relieves cold and flu.
12. analgesic for chest pain.
13. Anti-indigestion and acidity in the stomach without any side effects .. It facilitates the movement of food in the intestines.
14. Helps to lose weight by expelling excess water from the body by urinating without any side effects, it also helps the body to get rid of fat because of its unique properties.
15. tonic for renal function and helps in the elimination of excess sodium and uric acid and expel toxins from the body and combat the retention of fluids ..
16. Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol.
17. Very important for the health of the uterus and the reproductive system. It is a powerful regulator of estrogen, It reduces the incidence of uterine tumors after menopause and prevents the formation of bags, it protects the uterus and regulates periods of the menstrual cycle and it is suitable for all ages.
18. General tonic for all body organs.
19. Anti-stress and anxiety and helps to increase the level of psychological relaxation and calmness.
20. The treatment of the furuncle and wounds and help to heal quickly, the dipped frankincense  is considered an important element to be placed on the wounds as a disinfectant and assistant to the tissues inflamed to heal and protect against infection of the furuncle in the body.
21. Anti-oxidation of body cells and symptoms of aging. It activates the building of cells of the body and production of sound and fresh tissue.
22. Relieves the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.
23. Anti-acne and skin problems.
24. Regulator of blood circulation.
25. Anti-insomnia chronic.
26. Blood glucose regulator. As it lowers high sugar levels.
27. Effective treatment of the scalp and elimination of dandruff (if used on head like a lotion).
28. Effective anti-cancer treatment.


How to use :

  • Wash with clean water chewed directly as a gum. (3 pieces per day)
  • Or soak in warm water for 12 hours and then drink (one teaspoon in a cup drink once on the saliva).
  • Or used in incense (placed over burning coal) to treat chest diseases and respiratory problems and disinfection of the atmosphere.
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