Cameron Highlands In 14 Hours

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At about 1,500 metres above sea level, Cameron Highlands – located only four hours away from Kuala Lumpur – is set along a mountain plateau high above the river valley. Temperatures on this hillside fluctuate between 22° and 25° Celsius during the day and between 15° and 22° Celsius at night, making it easier than in the lowlands to jungle trek, camp and picnic. Named after William Cameron – a British government surveyor who ‘discovered’ the area in 1885 whilst on a mapping expedition – Cameron Highlands’ fame grew during the colonial occupation era as the British were attracted to this cool hill station due to its climate. As a direct result of their stay here, nostalgic reconstructions of English cottages and narrow village lanes are sprinkled across its landscape.



1-Tour Day is 8 hours only, but can be increased as per Clients request.
2-Groups have a special prices.
3-Prices do not include entrance fees of tourist areas (if required).
4-Prices do not include driver’s tips (as per Client’s request).
5-Prices do not include air tickets (the company offer reservation services).
6-Reservations should be made three weeks in advance for better flight planning and a higher categories hotel rooms.

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