Why is parathyroidectomy done?

Parathyroidectomy is a surgical procedure done to remove the parathyroid gland or glands affected by tumour and causing hyperparathyroidism

How is parathyroidectomy done?

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An incision is made in the front of the neck and the gland or glands with disease are identified and diagnosed, by sending a sample for immediate biopsy. On confirmation the glands are removed and the incision is closed.

Alternatively the procedure can be done through a minimally invasive procedure in which

  • The patient is given a very small dose of a radioactive material which is collected in overactive parathyroid glands differentiating it from the other structures in the neck. 
  • The glands are easily located and removed with the help of a miniature hand-held radiation detecting probe.
  • The probe is used again to confirm the removal of radioactive tumour after which the incision is sutured.
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