Mesotherapy Hair enhancer

How to perform Hair Mesotherapy Application?

Hair loss is a common problem experienced by men and women, so it can develop medically different methods every day. In order to prevent hair loss and provide hairs to be more liven up, one of the methods that are applied is Hair Mesotherapy method. For being ready for the application of hair scalp, first of all, thermotherapy method is applied. Hair scalp is made softer by thermotherapy method and prepared for mesotheraphy. Specific mixtures are prepared according to hair structure, its shedding and fraying. The elements such as minoxidil, vitamin, blood circulation enhancers, mineral and oligo are included in these mixtures. The specialists that will perform the application may add more different drugs according to the nature of the hair.

The prepared drug mixture is placed inside the application gun. It is possible to apply the application to the whole hair scalp evenly and easily with the mesotherapy gun. Application is initiated with the injector placed inside the gun. When pressing gun, the needle tip is in contact with the skin and the drugs are applied to the hair scalp. Because mesotherapy gun is connected to the computer, the dosage of the drug that is injected can be adjusted on the computer screen. Except for the mesotherapy gun, it can be done by hand without using gun. But during the manuel application, it may be impossible to follow the dose of the drug and to spread it to the hair scalp surface evenly. After hair mesotheraphy application, a special oil is applied to the hair scalp in order to keep the drug long-term. After application, hair should not be washed and any cream or oil should not be poured to the hair.

Number of Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair structures of the patients are analysed before application. As a result of the analysis, the attrition rate of the hair, the patient’s age, the loss ratio and the structure of the hair is determined by the number of sessions and intervals. In general, Hair Mesotherapy application is applied as 10 sessions. 10-15 minutes sessions on behalf of men, 30 minutes on behalf of women occur. The first 3-4 sessions of the applications is made every 7 days, the remaining sessions are made every 15 days. After the end of the session in order to complete the treatment once a month, including one session can be reinforced.

Effects of Hair Mesotherapy on Hair

Hair loss is a visual problem, so it affects the psychology of peope adversely. Therefore, people apply to a variety of methods to cease this.

Effects of Hair Mesotherapy;
It stops hair loss markedly;
Hair loss may occur both in men and women in different age periods and due to different reasons. First of all, the reason of hair loss should be very well researched, then the treatment should be decided after determining the reason. Hair Mesotherapy application targets hair follicles, so it stops hair loss in very high rate. Health lost gradually and also lose its shine of hair breakage and start to fall. During hair mesotheraphy application, vitamin, mineral and different components needed by the hair are injected to the hair and this method regains its viability and health.

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It nourishes Hair Cells;

Hair loss in the event for the sake of healthy hair once again be the revival and regeneration of hair cells is required. Hair Mesotherapy application revitalizes the cells lose viability. Hair production on behalf of the re-activated cells results in the formation of a healthy hair.

What is the effect time of Hair Mesotherapy Application?

The effect of the application and obtain successful results, may vary depending on the source of the spill. When experiencing temporary hair loss problems, hair falling birth or due to reasons such as anemia if the application does not need to be repeated. However, depending on the genetic causes of hair loss and permanent dumped If there are problems, Hair Mesotherapy applications may need to be repeated. If repeated applications, sessions can be made to 1 time per year. Due to various causes of hair loss in the event of problems mesotherapy can be applied 2-3 times a year as a supplement.


Who can have Hair Mesotheraphy?

This application is suitable for the ones who suffer from hair loss, both men and women. Hair mesotherapy is a painless application, so it can be applied to the people that are younger.