The Best days in Maldives & Malaysia

Tours Package

Malaysia the most beautiful country located in Southeast Asia.Malaysia’s attraction comes from its natural beauty and its diversity in culture.The diversity in nature and culture, along with the great variety of cuisines in Malaysia has attracted a lot of tourists each year.If you are looking for a wonderful vacation with affordable costs, Malaysia is one of the most recommended destinations.

The Maldives is a paradise on earth between land, sea and sky as described by it. It is the perfect vacation spot for those who desire virgin nature, tranquil remote islands, charming beaches and endless fishing resources. This is one of the favorite destinations for artists (especially video and photography artists), beach recreation enthusiasts who treat them as the kings of the age, lovers of remote places of nature, and perhaps most of all, the Maldives is the paradise for those seeking the best romantic journey from couples Young woman with their spirit and honeymooners.


1-Receiving and sending from and to airports
2- modern cars and expert drivers.
3-Must be booked 3 weeks prior of the planned trip to ensure the best rates and rooms categories.
4-Offer Include a special breakfast.
5-The offer includes international travel tickets Kuala Lumpur Malaysia <> Maldives.
6-The offer does not include international travel tickets <> Kuala Lumpur


1-Tour Day is 8 hours only, but can be increased as per Clients request.
2-Groups have a special prices.
3-Prices do not include entrance fees of tourist areas (if required).
4-Prices do not include driver’s tips (as per Client’s request).
5-Prices do not include air tickets (the company offer reservation services).
6-Reservations should be made three weeks in advance for better flight planning and a higher categories hotel rooms.

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