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DIAGNOSTIC - Dental Care - Treatment List

Consultation – simple FREE
Periapical or Bitewing ( per exposure) RM  60


teeth restoration - Dental Care - Treatment List


   – Simple RM 100 and above
   – Complex RM 150  and above
Dentin pin or Intracanal mini-screw RM 50  and above
Temporary Restoration RM 50  and above


composite veneer before - Dental Care - Treatment Listcomposite veneer after - Dental Care - Treatment List


      – Simple RM  150 and above
      – Complex RM  175 and above


       – Simple RM 175 and above
       – Complex RM 300 and above
Composite Veneer (each tooth) RM  650 and above


dental crowns bridges - Dental Care - Treatment List

Full Ceramic Crown RM  200 and above

Porcelain Bonded to Metal (RFM)

   – Non-Precious  RM  950  and above
   – Semi-Precious RM   1450 and above
   – Precious RM   1850 and above

Full Metal

   – Non-Precious  RM   850 and above
   – Semi-Precious RM  1200 and above
   -Precious RM  1450  and above

Post & Core

   – Metal  RM 350 and above
   – Fiber  RM 425  and above
Stainless Steel Crown ( Paedodontic) RM 375 and above
Ceramic Veneer ( Per Tooth) RM 2000 and above
Resin Bonded Bridge RM 1500 and above
Recementation of Failed Prosthesis RM  150 and above


inlay - Dental Care - Treatment Listonlay - Dental Care - Treatment List

Non-precious Metal  RM  800 and above
Precious Metal RM  1500 and above
Ceramic  RM  1500  and above
Composite  RM  850  and above


ENDODONTICS root canal - Dental Care - Treatment List

Root Canal Therapy

Anterior RM  750 and above
Premolars RM  850 and above
Molars RM  1150  and above
Surgical Endodontics RM  2000 and above
Pulpotomy (primary tooth) RM  450 and above
Note: Final Restoration Will Be Charged Separately


PERIODONTICS Dental Cleaning 3 - Dental Care - Treatment List

Scaling & Polishing RM  175 and above
Polishing Only RM 100  and above
Root Planning (per tooth) RM 100   and above
Simple Perio Flap Surgery (per quadrant) RM  1550 and above
dentures in las vegas - Dental Care - Treatment List

Partial Denture

   – Acrylic Base RM 550 and above
   – Cast Base RM 950 and above
   – Each additional tooth RM 60 and above

Complete Denture

   -Acrylic Full , Each Jaw RM 1100 and above
   – Acrylic Full , Both Jaws RM 2200 and above
   – Cast Full , Per Jaw RM 1500 and above

Reline (Acrylic , Soft tissues conditioner , Resilient liner)

   – Partial RM 200 and above
   – Full: Chairside RM 425  and above
   – Rebase RM 425 and above
Addition to existing denture ( per tooth) RM 100 and above
Repair Denture or clasp RM 120  and above


photo service oralsurgery - Dental Care - Treatment List

Extraction of a single tooth

   – Anterior RM 120 and above
   – Posterior   RM 150 and above
   – Complicated tooth extraction RM 375 and above

Extraction of a primary tooth

   – Anterior RM 80 and above
   – Posterior RM 100 and above
Surgical Removal of impacted tooth RM 950 and above
Biopsy and Report RM 500 and above
Incision and Drainage RM 150 and above
Post-operative review ( per visit) RM 75  and above
Management of post-operative bleeding RM 100 and above
Note: Medication will be charged separately


PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY - Dental Care - Treatment List

Topical fluoride RM  90 and above
Fissure sealant RM  120 and above
Preventive resin restoration RM  120 and above


teeth whitening after - Dental Care - Treatment Listteeth whitening before - Dental Care - Treatment List

   – Single tooth RM 350 and above
   – Customized trays RM 900 and above
   – In-Office RM 1750  and above


NOTE: Regarding the charges of any other not mentioned  above dental treatments or services , to be discussed  directly with the doctor.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Complicated Cases Might need to add 20-30% estimated by the doctor.

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